All-solid-state batteries All-solid-state batteries

All-solid-state batteries

What is an all-solid-state battery?

An all-solid-state battery is a battery in which the organic electrolyte (flammable), which is a cause of safety issues in lithium-ion batteries, is replaced with a solid electrolyte, and high safety (flame retardant and leak-free) can be achieved.

FDK's original technology

All-solid-state batteries use the new positive electrode material Li2CoP2O7 (LCPO), which has a high voltage and high capacity, and uses laminated chip component manufacturing technology.

FDK's material development

Highly efficient material development is realized using material simulation technology based on computational physics.
By utilizing this technology, and grasping in detail the electronic state of the material involved in charge and discharge, we have developed a new positive electrode material Li2CoP2O7 to achieve both high potential and high capacity.