Developed high capacity model of small all-solid-state SMD battery in this April, the world's highest level (*1)
- Realized Nominal Voltage 3.0V, Capacity 500μAh (3.5 times), Energy Density 2.5 times compared with current one -

May 9, 2019

Small all-solid-state SMD battery
Small all-solid-state SMD battery

FDK CORPORATION (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section: Code 6955) developed high capacity model of small all-solid-state SMD battery (*2) of current one which had begun sample shipment in December 2018.

This developed product can provide electric power with safety to IoT device, wearable device, Real Time Clock (RTC), products related with semiconductor such as SRAM/MCU and industrial equipment, automotive electrical equipment used in harsh environments (high temperature, vacuum etc.) which the conventional battery using electrolyte is hard to use.

FDK developed high voltage small all-solid-state SMD battery with the world's highest level (*1) in December 2018 with features of small size, high energy density, high safety and long life, and continued the increase of capacity for the expansion of range of its application.
FDK has realized the increase of capacity of energy density (65Wh/L) which is 2.5 times compared with current one by improvement of current inner construction and forming process.
And also FDK improved the convenience for customers in their surface mounting process by changing to the conformed shape to electronics device standard in addition to realizing the battery capacity 500μAh (3.5 times compared with FDK current one) with the world's highest level (*3) as a small all-solid-state SMD battery of oxide based bulk type.

FDK begins sample shipment to verify the application of specified customers from middle of May 2019.
FDK continues the development of small all-solid-state SMD battery and proceed the arrangement for the mass production from FY2020 in addition to sample shipment of this developed product.

- Characteristic of small all-solid-state SMD battery -
Item Unit Characteristic
(Developed product)
(Conventional product)
Nominal Voltage V 3 3
Capacity μAh 500
(3.5 times improvement)
Capacity of energy density Wh/L 65
(2.5 timess improvement)
Dimension of Sample mm (L) 4.5 x (W) 3.2 x (T) 1.6 (L) 4.0 x (W) 2.0 x (T) 2.0
Weight g 0.08 0.05
Operating temperature range -20 - +105

*1: As of May 9, 2019. There is no oxide based bulk type small all-solid-state SMD batteries with rated voltage 3.0V output. (According to FDK's investigation)
*2: Small all-solid-state SMD battery using an electrode material with high voltage developed with Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. in Feb., 2017.
*3: As of May 9, 2019. (According to FDK's investigation)

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