Privacy Policy

FDK CORPORATION ("FDK") recognizes that proper handling of the personal data by which you can be identified, such as your name, address or email address ("Personal Data") is our social responsibility. FDK respects and protects Personal Data of our customers in accordance with following policies.
  1. FDK appoints a manager as administrator in each section, which uses Personal Data, and takes strict security measures in order to handle Personal Data properly.

  2. FDK uses Personal Data provided by our customers solely for performing our obligation under contracts, developing better products and services and furnish useful information to our customers. In case Personal Data is used for other purposes, FDK notifies customers of the purpose of collecting Personal Data.

  3. FDK shall not provide or disclose Personal Data of our customer to a third party without consent of the customer except when required by applicable law. When FDK provides Personal Data of our customer to a third party, such third party shall be obliged to properly handle Personal Data of our customer by agreement.

  4. FDK promptly responds to requests from customers to disclose or correct Personal Data of the customer.
Jan, 2005