Battery monitoring technology Battery monitoring technology

Battery monitoring technology

High-precision battery life prediction technology

It is important for a device to know how long the remaining battery life is. Technology is required to predict the remaining life from the equipment usage history (e.g. the number of discharges) and the environmental temperature.
  • Prediction of battery life from usage history
  • Example display on battery-using device

LCD display

LED display

Remaining life display on information terminal using communication (RS-232C)

FDK's original technology

FDK has identified that the main cause of capacity deterioration in nickel-metal hydride batteries is deterioration (oxidation) of the hydrogen absorbing alloy, and we are able to simulate the deterioration of the hydrogen absorbing alloy based on the battery usage environment using CAE technology to achieve high accuracy. We have established a variety of battery life prediction technologies.

Relationship between cell degradation and alloy degradation

Battery monitoring system with highly accurate life prediction

We are developing a battery monitoring system that predicts remaining battery life and provides the user with replacement time guidelines while remotely monitoring the battery capacity and temperature using our original battery life estimation technology.

Example monitor display

Remote battery monitoring system