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CAD design technology

Artwork design technology

Our technicians, who are certified as first-class printed circuit board manufacturing technicians (national qualifications), provide high-quality artwork designs based on the know-how from circuit board design to component mounting that we have accumulated from our extensive experience and achievements.
  • Circuit design CAD
    • CR-5000 System Designer
    • CR-8000 Design Gateway
  • Design CAD
    • CR-8000 Design Force
    • CR-8000 Board Designer
    • CR-5000 PWS

Circuit design by System Designer

3D layout design by CR-8000 Design Force

Board artwork design by CR-8000 Board Designer

Mechanism design technology

With the background of abundant experience and knowledge of structural design cultivated so far, in the virtual space by 3D model, We offer the optimum mechanism design considering strength performance, assembly workability, and cost.
  • 3D-CAD
    • PTC Creo Element/Direct
    • COLMINA Design Review

Fig. 3D modeling of power supply unit