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Circuit design technology

High Frequency/Wireless Circuit design technology

With the progress of the IoT era, the importance of wireless devices is increasing more and more, and the range of frequencies that can be handled is also expanding. As the frequency increases, it becomes necessary to make a detailed design that takes into consideration the physical properties of the materials that make up the product and variations in manufacturing. At our company, we use CAE technology to analyze antennas and front-ends to achieve speedy product development.
In addition, based on our achievements in the development of various small wireless modules and small antennas, we are able to design small, high-quality high-frequency and wireless circuits.
  • Small wireless communication module
  • Various small antennas

Antenna Directivity(Simulation)

Analog power circuit design technology

Switching power supplies are required to have higher power and smaller sizes year by year.
In addition, the added value demanded by the market is increasing, such as heat generation and control responsiveness with high bandwidth and high speed.
At our company, we have many years of experience in design, thermal design utilizing CAD design / CAE technology, and many patented technologies.
It is possible to design highly efficient and highly reliable switching circuits.
  • Non-isolated DC/DC converter
  • Isolated AC/DC power supply

Converter Circuit Design

Magnetic flux density distribution

Digital circuit design technology

Noise and EMI countermeasures are becoming more important as density and speed increase.
At our company, it is possible to design circuits with less errors and delays using line impedance control technology for high-speed digital communication signal boards.
We also approach EMI countermeasures from a comprehensive perspective, including parts, board configuration, PCB layout, and CAE analysis.
  • Image processing board
  • Wireless communication processing board

Wireless Communication Board Circuit Design

Image processing Board Artwork