Battery Pack , Battery System

When batteries are used in equipment, most instances are as battery packs or battery systems. FDK has a wealth of experience with battery packs, as well as both custom designed and standard battery systems. We design and manufacture with consideration of battery safety and reliability for each application.

Incorporating Battery Packs

Standard Configuration

When using batteries in equipment, battery model, number of cells and shape will differ depending on rated power, space and usage conditions of equipment.

Connection shape

Terminal direction

Battery Pack Shape Example

FDK can produce battery packs with various shapes according to usage. Our cases can be made from heat shrink tubing, resin, metal etc. Please consult us regarding the electrical wiring and terminal types.

Safety Device

When designing an assembled battery, it is necessary to install a safety device in case of charger failure and external short circuit. FDK recommends that the following parts are built into the assembled battery.

Usage of Battery Packs

Our products are used in various applications such as in-vehicle applications, emergency lighting, home-use, etc. Please contact us about the usage of applications, ambient temperature, charge and discharge conditions, etc.

Battery System

FDK save our customers' development resources by providing batteries with control functions according to the application.

Our battery packs include a battery management system (BMS) that controls charging and discharging. This brings out the best performance of Ni-MH batteries and contributes to improving the function of our customers'products while reducing development time.

Battery Management System

FDK's BMS is an original system that has functions to control charge and discharge, as well as diagnose and predict battery life etc.

Battery Management

■ Charge/discharge control
Prevents over-charge and discharge, and minimizes
battery performance degradation

■ Self-diagnosis function
Diagnosis of charge circuit and discharge circuits
High reliability (internal resistance and self-discharge rate)
through battery diagnostics

■ Lifetime prediction function(Options)
Capable of predicting battery lifetime through usage and
environmental history and giving advanced notice

Custom Control Function
Development Example

①Low temperature charge control
function for cold regions

②Lifetime prediction function to reduce
the number of battery replacements

③Charge control function with built-in
charge circuit

Custom Designed Battery System

Our battery systems have achieved use in many applications requiring high reliability such as medical equipment, infrastructure, and information equipment.

Standard Battery System

We offer standard battery systems with DC12V, DC24V, and DC48V input and output.

Model BBUS-100012-01
Output Voltage DC12V DC24V DC48V
Capacity 10Wh 1100Wh 920Wh 1900Wh
Output current/power 50W 30A 45A 1kW
Dimensions W 101mm
D 150mm
H 20mm
W 300mm
D 420mm
H 150mm
W 375mm
D 235mm
H 191mm
W 448mm
D 460mm
H 85.8mm
Approx. Weight 460g 25kg 19.5kg 31kg
Utility Power supply backup for industrial computers and surveillance cameras
Power supply backup for railway signal equipment, and surveillance cameras
Power supply backup for base stations, and surveillance cameras
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