FDK Ni-MH batteries are resistant to over-charge and over-discharge, have excellent safety, and can be easily transported. In addition, Ni-MH batteries are easy to recycle because they contain a high nickel content.

Rechargeable and

Usable in a wide
temperature range

※ limited to in-vehicle Low-temp

discharge model

Best for replacing
Ni-Cd batteries due
to longer life

High recyclability

Easy to transport

Features of FDK nickel-metal hydride batteries

FDK original technology

Positive electrode material , Negative electrode material

Made in Japan

FDK continues to commit to "Made in Japan" quality. FDK commits to the manufacturing of our batteries at our factory in Japan.
This enables customers to use our batteries safely and securely for any occasion.

Takasaki plant

Applications for FDK nickel-metal hydride batteries

FDK's line-up of Ni-MH batteries offer an exceptional solution for your energy needs, and may be used in a wide variety of applications to enhance performance while extending runtime.

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