Strong Lineup of Cylindrical, Thin and Coin types.
Made-in-Japan Quality and Reliability.

FDK's technology adds long-term reliability to lithium batteries" original features such as high energy density and superior shelf life.
No toxic substances restricted by the RoHS Directive are used in FDK's environmentally-coscious lithium batteries.

FDK's Lithium Battery Advantages

A variety of shapes and sizes make your application design easy. Stable and long-lasting power supply under a wide range of temperature conditions.

Stable discharge

High flexibility for
application design

Wide range of operating
-40°C to +85°C※1

※1 In the case of cylindrical-type

Extended usage
20 years※2

※2 In the case of CR17500EP.

Expected life at room temperature.
Expected life varies depending
on usage and environment.

Typical Uses of Lithium Batteries

Reliable power sources for a wide range of applications from every corner of society

Coin-type Cylindrical-type Thin-type

Stable performance and long life
Long-term reliability proven in the market
Best fit for smart meter solutions

Long-lasting reliability Excellent charge retention
Wide operating temperature range Long lasting high discharge current over a long period

Supporting the various needs of meters
with a combination of high power and high capacity.

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