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Primary Batteries
High Power Cylindrical Type Primary Lithium Batteries
CR17335E-R CR17450E-R CR17450ES CR17500EP
CR17335HEF CR17335EF CR17335EG CR17450HE-N
CR17450ESK CR17450E-N

High Capacity Cylindrical Type Primary Lithium Batteries
CR14250SE CR2/3 8·L CR8·LHC CR8 LHT
Coin Type Primary Lithium Batteries
CR1220 CR1620 CR2016 CR2025
CR2032 CR-1/3N 2CR-1/3N
Thin Type Primary Lithium Battery
CF042223 CF042722U CF042039 CF052722U

Rechargeable Batteries
Manganese Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
ML614 ML621 ML614R
Others Required Capacity mAh
FDK standard item name
Specification of cell Bulk With terminal-tabs
With leading wire and connector
Market Customer use Industrial use Military use
Application Communication devices Measuring devices
Quantity Pcs / Month Lot
Condition of usage
a) Use of cell Mono cell Series Parallel
b) Load 1) Pulse discharge
mA, sec,on/
2) Continuous discharge
mA orkW
c) Range of temperature to °F
d) End point valtage V.
e) Alarm function With alarm atV. Without
f) Estimated period of use Months Years
g) Other power supply With Without
h) Production schedule (1)Pre-production
Within 3 monthsWithin 6 months
Within 3 monthsWithin 6 months
i) Use experience
of lithium batteries
Yes (CR BR ER )
j) Voltage cut-off function With atV. Without
k) Customer's brand required Yes No
l) Use place Indoor Outdoor Inside of motor vehicle
m) Usage Main power supplyMemory back-up

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