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FDK Group Environmental Policy
Environmental Report
FDK Group Environmental Policy
FDK Group Environmental Policy

FDK Group Cares about Nature and Safeguards our Planet.

The FDK Group has established environmental protection as an important theme of corporate management. Thus, acting from the customer's viewpoint, we develop and provide battery products and electronic devices able to satisfy customers, while contributing in the process to the creation of a sustainable society that is based on the 3Es - Environment, Energy, and Economy - that is, on protecting the environment, conserving energy, and developing the economy. We also fulfill our social responsibility by conducting conscientious corporate activities that comply with environmental laws and standards. Moreover, in order to pass on nature's irreplaceable bounty and the Earth's beautiful Planet environment to future generations, we will continue to maintain close communication and cooperation with local communities, while conducting environmental protection activities invigorated by each employees' spirit of solidarity.

<Action Guidelines>
1. We will understand the burdens that our corporate activities place on the Earth's environment, and reduce those burdens by making products more environmentally-friendly in each stage of their lifecycle.
2. We will promote the development of environmentally compatible products by eliminating the use of harmful materials, reducing the energy required for product use, and increasing product longevity.
3. To prevent global warming, we will reduce the energy used in our factories and offices and improve logistic operations.
4. We will reduce our environmental impact through 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities.
5. We will promote green procurement for the raw materials, parts and packaging materials used for products.
6. We will observe all environmental laws and regulations, and strengthen our risk management for preventing pollution and other problems.
7. We will deepen our communication with local communities and contribute to efforts to protect the environment.

Revised May, 2010

Environmental Report
Please see here for the latest CSR Report that we issued.

The social and environmental activities of the FDK Group have been included in "Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report" since FY2010.
The latest version can be downloaded from Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report: Fujitsu Global.

* Display the downloading page of the "Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report" with new window.

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