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FDK Group Quality Policy
FDK Group Quality Policy
FDK Group Quality Policy
FDK Group Quality Policy

<Quality Policy>

We will provide customers with quality they can rely on.


As the basic concept of quality first, FDK group will contribute to society asour mission by providing and developing such products that are high quality, safety, eco-friendly and satisfied by consumer. FDK strongly recognize never causing such serious quality problem or violation of regulation in the world that may be held (or blamed) corporateresponsibility.
For achieving above, all FDK including sales, research, project, development, design, manufacturing and consumer service shall conduct more solid quality management in all their steps by the action from the viewpoint of customer.

<Quality action guidelines>
  1. We will ensure keeping the first priority to customer's requests and win customer's satisfaction by quick and proper action.
  2. We will strengthen the activity going back to upstream in development stage and make each activity better for quality, cost, delivery date and environment, consequently, bring these activities to such outcome as prevention of quality problem at the mass production stage, improving profitability, on-time delivery and improving environmental conservation.
  3. We will continuously strengthen the risk management relating to each compliance issue such as product safety and product contained chemical substances.
  4. We will cut down thoroughly spoilage cost in process, quality loss due to complaint or so by improving activities of manufacturing.
  5. We will conduct quality management more effectively by continuous improvement of the quality management system.