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Social & Environmental Report 2005

Social & Environmental Report 2005

Environmental Report 2005 - The whole passage (1,444K)

Environmental Report 2005 [each page]
Front cover (92K)
P1 Contents / Editorial Policy (38K)
P2 Message from the President (63K)
P3 Corporate Profile (55K)
P4 Business Operations and Environmental Burden (160K)
P5 Highlights of FY 2004 (35K)
P6 Environmental Accounting (63K)
P7 FDK Group Environmental Policy / Organizational Structure (70K)
P8 Environmental Action Plan (62K)
P9 Establishment of the Environmental Management System (97K)
P10 Promotion of Establishing Environmental Management System in Suppliers (68K)
P11 to 13 Offering Super-green Products with the Top Environmental Elements (204K)
P14 Approach for the Elimination of Poisonous Substances (77K)
P15 Measures to Energy Conservation (78K)
P16 CO2 Reduction Activities by Improvement of Distribution, etc. (109K)
P17 Elimination of Designated Chemical Substances (70K)
P18 Zero Waste Emission (Measures to Waste Reduction) (65K)
P19 Environmental Preservation Measures to Plants (61K)
P20 Social Action Program (120K)
P21 to 27 Global Effort for Environmental Care in All Manufacturing Bases (380K)
P28 Business Activity of Fujidenka Research and Analysis Center Co., Ltd. (81K)
P29 Business Activity of FDK Ecotec Co., Ltd. (109K)
P30 History of Environmental Activities (52K)
Back cover (60K)
Questionnaire (19K)