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The "FDK Group CSR Report" is published so that all of our stakeholders will understand our various activities based on the CSR Policy of the FDK Group. The "FDK Group CSR Report" reports our CSR activities under "Seven Prioritized Initiatives” defined by the FDK Group.

Please see here for the Environmental Report that we issued in the past.

General Affairs and Human Resource Department,
Corporate Group
TEL: +81-3-5715-7402
E-Mail: csr@fdk.co.jp

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"FDK Group CSR Report 2021" (PDF)
FDK Group CSR Report 2021
FDK Group CSR Report 2021

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Cover 1 1,815KB
Contents, Our Philosophy, FDK Group's Vision, About "FDK Group CSR Report 2021" 1 2,056KB
The Story of Value Creation at the FDK Group 6 1,189KB

- Approach to Value Creation
- Our Philosophy and Mid-Term Business Plan
- Ideal Form
- Providing Safe, Secure, Products with Consideration for the Environment
- CSR Management
- Seven Prioritized Initiatives
Management System 2 373KB

- Highlights of Management System
- Initiatives Supporting the Management System
Relationships with Customers and Suppliers 2 486KB

- Highlights of Relationships with Customers and Suppliers
- Initiatives Supporting Relationships with Customers and Suppliers
Relationships with Society 1 468KB

- Highlights of Relationship with Society
- Initiatives Supporting Relationships with Society
Relationships with Employees 2 332KB

- Highlights of Relationships with Employees
- Initiatives Supporting Relationships with Employees
Environmental Conservation Activities 2 606KB

- Highlights of Environmental Conservation Activites
- Environmental Conservation Initiatives
Overview of Group Companies 1 228KB
Back cover 1 1,741KB