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Fujitsu Rechargeable  Battery Charger

Fujitsu Rechargeable  Battery

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High performance charger can be charge the rechargeable
battery faster,more safety and more usefully.

Safety protection

For Safety, this charger has a lot of safety features.

  • High temperature detection
  • Smart charge cut-off
  • Cut-off timer
  • Reverse polarity detection
  • Alkaline battery detection

Speed charge

When you want to charge quickly, this charger can be
charge double speed(x2) for one to two batteries.

Battery Capacity Charge Time
3-4 batteries 1-2 batteries
AA Min.2400-2500mAh Approx. 5 hours Approx. 2.5 hours
Min.1900-2000mAh Approx. 4 hours Approx. 2 hours
AAA Min.900-950mAh Approx. 4 hours Approx. 2 hours
Min.750-800mAh Approx. 3 hours Approx. 1.5 hours

Charges 1-4 batteries individually

Mixed energy levels OK. Each battery is charged individually
Convenient for all devices.
The Fujitsu Quick Charger is more flexible and prevents batteries from over-charging.
Charging stops each battery when it is full.

Able to charge any battery combination

Below are a few possible combinations.

Battery diagnosis

attery status easy to understand with LED indicator.

Plug in the charger before going to bed
and batteries are fully charged when you
wake up in the morning.

Battery Protection

Charger can detect Alkaline batteries and wrong positioning.
When detected, charging will be terminated.
8 hour timer shut off ensures batteries are not over-charged.

World Auto Voltage

Automatically calibrates to the voltage where you are.

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