Development of "pendulum vibration type" vibration module

FDK CORPORATION (President: Suzuki Nobuji) developed the new type vibrator as used for the cellular phone and so on.
At the present day, the cellular phone almost has vibration function which alerts receiving at the vibration mode time and so on, and this function is applied for vibrator consisting of the motor.
As for this vibration module, Iwaki Electronic Co., Ltd., one of our subsidiary companies is developing on it and taking charge of manufacture. The mechanism of this vibration module depends on the change in the magnetic field [i.e: the vibration of the permanent magnet that links the tip of the board spring is based on the change in the magnetic field caused by electrical current].
In addition, this product combines the most of individual high density mounting technology and circuit technology, which focus on developing the custom IC (the patent in progress) with the individual vibrated point detecting function. This function determines vibrated frequency of the spring, and it is designed in a simple structure to make this product work efficiently.
Furthermore, long lasting, high reliability are realized because there is no exhausting part like a motor vibrator in this vibration module.
Two types of this product, the spring terminal mounting type (product name: VM513LC) and the SMD mounting type (product name: VM513LD) are available currently. Both products can be driven by the battery voltage (3.6V).
Sample shipping will be started from now on, and mass production will be scheduled from spring 2002.

Vibration module, VM513LC and VM513LD

The spring terminal mounting type
The SMD mounting type
Voltage max 6V max.
Supply voltage 3.0 to 4.2 V
Power consumption 60mA
Vibration frequency 130Hz±5Hz
Vibration force 4Ø motor vibration same
Bench size 5.0 x 15.9 x 5.0mm 5.0 x 14.5 x 5.0mm
Weight 1.35g 1.25g


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