Two Series Added to VCO Lineup

FDK CORPORATION has developed and commercialized two new series of VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillators) models. These are IP and IS Series, and are added to FDK's existing VCO lineup of the IF, IL, IN, and IM Series. All have a glass epoxy substrate. The IP Series boasts a super compact size (4.8 x 5.8x 1.6mm) enabled by the use of triplet strip lines as resonators, and is suited for compact cellular phones. The IS Series features an intensive package (8.0 x 10.0 x 1.8mm) of two VCO units combined into one,and is focused on dual band compatibility. Drawing on superb high-frequency circuit designing and microwave material know-how, our VCOs are already serving many cellular and handy phones. The six Series of our VCOs, all low-priced and covering a wide range from 400MHz to 2.9GHz, are the best choicefor mobile communications devices and other wireless equipment.

Applications Model name Oscillation frequency
Supplied voltage
Controlled voltage range
Controlled voltage sensitivity
Power consumption
(mA max.)
Oscillation output
(dB min.)
(dBC min.)
GSM/PCN IP** 1201±39,0 2.7 0.5-2.2 68±14 10.0 -2.0 147(20M)/Hz
IP** 1559.5±38,5 2.7 0.5-2.2 68±14 10.0 -2.0 147(20M)/Hz
GSM900 IS** 897.5±17,5 2.7 0.5-2.2 37±7.0 50.0 +11.0 162(20M)/Hz
DCS1800 IS** 1747.5±37,5 2.7 0.5-2.2 75±14 50.0 +8.0 151(20M)/Hz
The numbers in parentheses in the C/N column indicate non-tuning frequencies in Hz.


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