Sony and FDK Agree to Collaborate in Battery Development and Production

Sony Corporation and FDK Corporation, a Fujitsu Group member, have reached basic agreement on collaboration in battery business. The move is in response to the increasing demand for more compact, lighter high-performance batteries for portable electronic equipment in the coming age of digital networking.
Sony commands an about 40% share in Japan's market for silver oxide button-shaped cells and 15% in lithium coin cells, according to Sony's market share data. FDK produces a full-lineup of alkaline cylindrical batteries in Japan and overseas.
Under the agreement, the parties will collaborate in the development and commercialization of new batteries, but their production will be specialized in their strong battery lines to achieve higher efficiency and profitability while realizing an optimal supply balance between the two.
By April 2000, they will exchange some of their technical experts to start joint development activity and production specialization. Sony will commission FDK to produce Sony-brand alkaline batteries, and FDK will reciprocate for silver oxide and lithium mini batteries of its brand. The duo plans to expand their collaboration both in Japan and abroad in order to enhance their brand images and to strengthen their battery business operations worldwide.


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