Development of a New High Durability Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery "HR-AATU" for Power Backup Markets
- Approximately 60% higher capacity, conforms to JIS C 8708 MU Standard(*1) and
meets the needs of customers who require long-life batteries -

Apr. 2, 2024

FDK CORPORATION (Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Section: Code 6955) has developed a high durability nickel-metal hydride battery "HR-AATU" for Power Backup Markets and will start sample shipments from early April 2024.

Nickel-metal hydride battery "HR-AATU"
Nickel-metal hydride battery "HR-AATU"

Applicaiton example

For over 33 years, FDK has been manufacturing and selling rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries for a variety of applications, including security, in-vehicle applications and medical devices.

For a nickel-metal hydride battery to be used as power backup during power outages, FDK began mass production and shipment of our high durability nickel-metal hydride battery "HR-AAULTU", which conformed to JIS C 8708 MU standard from September 2018.
Since then, the increase in current consumption and the lengthening of backup time accompanying the higher performance of the devices in which batteries are used have led to many requests from customers for higher capacity backup batteries. To meet those needs, FDK has thoroughly reviewed the materials and structures in existing nickel-metal hydride batteries and increased the amount of active materials. This led to the successful development of the "HR-AATU", which conforms to JIS C 8708 MU standard with increased battery capacity and achieves the industry's highest level of long life(*2). The "HR-AATU" has the same high durability as the "HR-AAULTU" while achieving approximately 60% higher capacity. The longer life of the battery reduces the frequency of battery replacements, increasing convenience for customers. The "HR-AATU" will start sample shipment from April 2024. Mass production is scheduled to start from December 2024.

All FDK nickel-metal hydride batteries are made in FDK's Japan domestic factory which is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified and complies with necessary environmental requirements such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and EU Battery Regulation (2023/1542).

FDK, as a Smart Energy Partner, will continue to provide customers with proposals for the efficient use of electric energy in a safe and efficient manner by assembling advanced technologies.

- Specifications -
Cell designation: IEC/JIS: "HR15/50"
Nominal Voltage: 1.2V
Nominal Capacity: 1280mAh(*3)
Dimensions and weight: Diameter 14.5mm, Height 50.0mm, approx. 28g (including heat shrink tube)
Applications: Security equipment, Measuring instruments, Emergency lights, Guide lights, Medical equipment and other backup equipment

- Comparison -
Compared to the same AA size "HR-AAULTU" (780mAh), this "HR-AATU" has both higher capacity and higher durability while conforming with JIS C 8708 MU standards.

New model Existing model
Dimensions AA
Nominal Capacity 1280mAh 780mAh
Standard JIS C 8708 MU

*1: JIS C 8708 Sealed nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery for portable equipment (single and battery) issued by the Japanese Standards Association.
*2: Compliant with JIS C 8708 MU standard, as of April 2, 2024 (according to FDK's investigation)
*3: Typical capacity when a single cell is charged at 120mA for 16 hours and then discharged at 240mA to the end voltage of 1.00V

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