Shipments started of High-Rate Discharge Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries for backup power applications
- High capacitance enables applications that require high rate discharge and extended run times. -

Jan. 31, 2023

FDK CORPORATION (Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Section: Code 6955) has developed a high-rate discharge nickel-metal hydride battery "HR-4/3FAUP" and will start mass production and shipment from January 2023.

Nickel-metal hydrid battery "HR-4/3FAUP" Mounting Example Application

For 32 years, FDK has been manufacturing and selling rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries for a variety of applications, including security, in-vehicle applications, medical and household electric appliances. As a result, FDK nickel-metal hydride batteries have the No. 1 share (*1) in the global market.

Recently, in security, storage and other applications that require power backup operation in the event of a power failure, the output power and data transfer time during backup has been increasing due to faster equipment and larger data capacity. As a result, there is an ever-increasing need for batteries with higher output and higher capacity.
To meet these needs, FDK has developed a high-rate discharge nickel-metal hydride battery "HR-4/3FAUP" with even higher capacity while maintaining the same high output characteristics and durability. This battery achieves higher capacity (25% improvement (*2)) by thoroughly reviewing the materials used and structure of existing nickel-metal hydride batteries.
Samples have been available since May 2022, and mass production began in January 2023 for this new high-rate discharge nickel-metal hydride battery.
Nickel-metal hydride batteries use a water-based electrolyte with little risk of ignition and smoking, so customers may use them with peace of mind. The features of this nickel-metal hydride battery have been highly evaluated for applications that require reliability such as servers and storage functions that handle important data, as well as in simplifying export operations. FDK aims to further expand the volume and sales channels of this battery.

FDK, as a Smart Energy Partner, will continue to provide customers with proposals for the efficient use of electric energy in a safe and efficient manner by assembling advanced technologies.

- Specifications -
Nominal Voltage: 1.2V
Nominal Capacity: 4000mAh (Typical capacity when a single cell is charged at 400mA for 16 hours and then discharged at 800mA to the end voltage of 1.00V)
Dimensions and weight: Diameter 18.1mm, Height 67.0mm, approx. 58g (including heat shrink tube)
Applications: Server/ Storage, Security, Elevator, Electric tools, Backup power supply

*1: Nickel metal-hydride batteries (small size) results of 2020. Source: FUJI KEIZAI CO., LTD. "2022 Comprehensive Survey of Battery-Related Market, Volume 1: Battery Cell Market".
*2: Compared to the high-rate discharge nickel metal-hydride battery "HR-4/3FAUPC"

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