Large capacity "MEGA TWICELL" Ni-MH battery developed by FDK

Feb. 15, 2017

FDK CORPORATION (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section: Code 6955) has developed a large capacity Ni-MH battery called the "MEGA TWICELL" for the expanding large scale secondary battery market, offering a high level of safety and excellent charge and discharge characteristics.

Recently, demand for electrical energy storage has risen due to an increase in renewable energy production and the need for electricity to be available during emergencies. FDK has developed an energy storage system to respond to this demand and to ensure that electricity can be used effectively, while taking advantage of the characteristics of Ni-MH batteries, such as a high level of safety due to the water based electrolyte and a wide operating temperature range (-20℃ – 80℃).

In addition to a high level of safety and a wide operating temperature range, the MEGA TWICELL Ni-MH battery offers high capacity, long life and high recyclability, as a result of combining FDK's material technology, cultivated over many years through the development of cylindrical type Ni-MH batteries, and the structural technology of the "GIGACELL*1", a high capacity and high output Ni-MH battery developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.

Until now, FDK has been developing and selling energy storage systems that incorporate cylindrical type Ni-MH batteries. The MEGA TWICELL can be used where high capacity is necessary, such as for stationary applications, electric power system frequency control applications, telecommunication base stations, electric power peak shaving applications, electrically powered equipment such as Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) and smart communities, as capacity can be expanded to more than 30kWh by means of connecting and operating batteries in series or in parallel.

FDK has been able to achieve stable discharge voltage, even when the current is high, as a result of decreasing the internal resistance through the use of material technology refined over a long period of time, and increasing lifetime*2 by improving FDK's "super lattice alloy" and adopting a new alloy as the negative active material that is highly durable (hydrogen absorbing alloy). This means that maintenance does not need to be carried out as often and the maintenance cost of energy storage systems can be decreased by implementing FDK's battery life prediction function. The battery uses a water based electrolyte and a nonflammable resin, which ensures safe operation over the long-term when used in major energy storage systems.

In addition, the Ni-MH battery is an environmentally friendly product, as a large percentage of it can be recycled. It is possible to separate and refine the nickel, cobalt and rare earth materials, and battery structure is not welded, which means the battery can be easily disassembled during the recycling process.

The MEGA TWICELL products will be on display at the FDK booth during the "BATTERY JAPAN 2017*3" exhibition, being held from March 1st to 3rd, as well as at the "DATA STORAGE EXPO*4", being held from May 10th to 12th. Both events will take place at Tokyo Big Site.

FDK will continue to develop new technology that offers improved performance and reliability, in order to address the various needs of customers and ensure a high level of satisfaction.

- Specifications*5 -
Model Name HM-25K-12V HM-25K-24V HM-25K-36V
Type Ni-MH Battery
Nominal Capacity*6 250Ah 250Ah 250Ah
Nominal Voltage*7 12V 24V 36V
Energy Capacity*8 3kWh 6kWh 9kWh
Size Width 223mm 223mm 223mm
Length 494mm 823mm 1152mm
Height 309mm 309mm 309mm
Mass Approx. 90kg Approx. 150kg Approx. 210kg
Please contact the FDK sales department in regards to customizing the battery status LED display, remote monitoring LAN connection and scheduled operation function.

*1: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. "GIGACELL" HP:
*2: Expected life: More than 15 years (if operated in accordance with the conditions recommended by FDK)
*5: Specifications may change without notice
*6: In an ambient temperature of 25℃, charge is performed over a 12 hour period at 25A and discharge is performed at 50A (10V for HM-25K-12V product, 20V for HM-25K-24V product, 30V for HM-25K-36V product)
*7: Nominal voltage of Ni-MH battery: 1.2V x number of batteries connected in series
*8: Nominal capacity x Nominal voltage

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