Newly Developed Mn-Zn Ferrite material ”6H60T” realized top level low core loss
- Released as the market standard core shape of UU79/129A -

Apr. 11, 2016

FDK CORPORATION (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section: Code: 6955) has developed the Mn-Zn Ferrite material called "6H60T", which realized the top level low core loss*1 performance for high Power Supply Transformers for the industrial products.

6H60T UU79/129A
6H60T UU79/129A

The Power Supply for the industrial use such as ‎Semiconductor manufacturing equipment has been becoming "high power", "downsizing" and also "energy saving" for Eco-consciousness. And the core materials for these transformers are required to be "low core loss" under the actual circumstances using Power Supply.
To meet these requirements, FDK has successfully developed the new material "6H60T", which can be used under the wider range of temperature by realizing the low core loss (reducing 15% loss compared with the conventional model "6H60" under 140℃) pursuing our own "Ferrite technology".
Furthermore, 6H60T material enables us to produce the market standard core shape of UU79/129A.

FDK will contribute to reduce the electric consumption by achieving high efficiency of industrial Power Supply through this product and will satisfy various requests from customers by developing the potential power of Ferrite material continuously.

The product sample will be available from June, 2016.
It would be exhibited in the FDK booth of TECHNO-FRONTIER 2016 to be held at Makuhari Messe from April 20 to 22.

- Main application -
Transformer for industrial Power Supply

- Main feature -
Achieving the top level low core loss performance (reducing 15% losses compared with the conventional model "6H60" under 140℃)

- Ferrite technology -
1) Control of crystal structure
Distribution mapping of Ca Calcium is one of the important components as an additive, which makes ferrite more resistant and reduces the eddy current losses. However, if the calcium is dissolved in the crystal of ferrite, it would degrade the magnetic properties and adversely increase the magnetic loss in reverse. By depositing a high concentration of calcium in the grain boundaries in the ferrite crystal, it is possible to achieve the reduction of both the eddy current loss and the magnetic loss.
Distribution mapping of Ca
low mid high
Ca concentration

2) Control of magnetic anistropy
Anistropy constant of Ferrite
Anistropy constant of Ferrite
Common core loss characteristic is to be a minimum value at a temperature of any point. In order to achieve a low loss in the normal temperature range and high temperature range, it is necessary to reduce the temperature change of the magnetic anisotropy. By optimizing the composition and additives, it would reduce the temperature variation of the magnetic anisotropy and it would be able to reduce the magnetic loss in a wider temperature range.

- Contribute to reduce the electric consumption-
Core loss comparison as 10kHz, 300mT, 140℃
Coil UU79/129A x 4 6H60 (Conventional model) 6H60T (New model)
6H60T UU79/129A Loss = 52W

Core loss comparison of 6H60 (Conventional model)
Loss = 41W
Core loss comparison of 6H60T (New model)

Loss (kW/㎡)

*1: According to FDK’s research as of Apr. 11, 2016.
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