Weighing only 12 grams ! “Logger device with sensor” will be released

Nov. 16, 2015

FDK CORPORATION (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section: Code: 6955) has decided to launch “Logger device with sensor”, which finalized 50% lighter than its prototype model released in May, 2015, and its “Development Kit” from January, 2016.

Logger device with sensor

“Logger device with sensor” is a sensor device with built-in acceleration, geomagnetic, temperature, humidity, pressure, and illumination sensors.

Since it is possible to collect information of movement, stop, direction and surrounding environment by various sensors, it is able to use a variety of applications such as to watch the care recipient, to manage working environment of the construction site, to manage the history of the collected information, and the like.

The final product is a result of extensive improvement in pursuing a high-density design, and other improved features. Compared to the prototype model, up to 22% of downsizing (length: 15%, width: 21%, thickness: 22%) and about 50% of the weight reduction were achieved without changing the operating time and function.

We have decided the simultaneous release of “Development Kit” of the “Logger device with sensor” to respond to many requests from potential users. After the announcement on the release of the development of “Logger device with sensor” this May, we have received many requests from potential users that they would like to adjust the settings easily to suits their systems.

This product development is a part of our efforts to the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) era that create new values and services by the connection of everything to the Internet. We will work on the development of variety of sensors and batteries to sensors as the key components in the IoT era.

The products be exhibited at the FDK booth during the “Embedded Technology 2015” to be held at Pacifico Yokohama on November 18-20, 2015.

- General Specification of Logger device with sensor -
Product name Specifications
Logger device with sensor - Mounted sensor (acceleration/geomagnetism/temperature/humidity/pressure/illuminance)
- On board memory
- Bluetooth LE communication
- Support USB charging
Development Kit
(Supply for a fee)
- Logger device with sensor
- Advertising Spec Sheet
- Connect Spec Sheet

- General Requirement -
[Smart devices] Android 4.3 and above

- Specifications -
Various elements
Power Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Usage time - Last about 12 hours (signals sent by every 1 sec.)
- Power ON/OFF function
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy 2.4GHz
Distance 5 to 10m
Maximum 50m (Line of sight distance)
Sensor acceleration/geomagnetism/temperature/humidity/pressure/illuminance
Memory 256 KB
Charging means Micro-USB
Charging time 8 hours (approximately)
Dimension 50.0 x 45.0 x 5.05mm
Weight 12g
Above specifications are as of November 2015. Specifications may be changed without notice.
Distance may vary by usage environment.

- Trademark -
Other company names and product names mentioned on this news release are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

- Note -
*1: ”Logger device with sensor” and “Sensor Logger Development Kit” are joint product developments of FDK and FUJITSU ADVANCED ENGINEERING LIMITED.
*2: BluetoothLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

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