FDK Ni-MH battery is chosen to the CellectTM 600 product of Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Oct. 19, 2015
Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Alpha Technologies Ltd. (Head Office: Canada, “Alpha”) and FDK CORPORATION (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section: Code 6955, “FDK”) have announced that Alpha releases the CellectTM 600 Small Cell Power Supply powered by a unique Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery specifically developed by FDK.

Alpha CellectTM 600

Alpha is an established leader in the design and manufacture of powering solutions for the Telecom, CATV (Canada), Traffic, Security, Industrial and Renewable Energy industries. Telecom operators will deploy millions of small cells in the coming years to increase coverage and meet the exponential demand for mobile data. One of the key benefits of small cells is the ability to pinpoint coverage near the users. However, deploying small cells presents new site acquisition, maintenance, backhaul and powering challenges. Alpha’s CellectTM 600 solves these problems by providing the right amount of power and battery into a low profile, maintenance-free, aesthetically pleasing packaging.
Alpha has been considering a different chemistry from the existing lead acid to meet the user requirements (e.g., space, weight etc.). FDK proposed a light-weight compact charge Ni-MH system equipped with wide charge-discharge behavior at temperature territory and Ni-MH battery with the feature such as the chief life property and the high safety to the problem as well as the high-quality manufacturing we have grown up to now. They were estimated by Alpha, and they came to adoption.
Alpha and FDK have established a strategic partnership to co-develop products that will shatter existing form/fit/functional paradigms and provide network service providers with compact, ultra-reliable, low maintenance powering solutions.

David Boroevich, Alpha's Chief Marketing Officer said, “Outdoor Small Cell power has been such an enigma that some service providers have considered deployments that offer no battery backup. We are pleased that Cellect will allow them to provide battery backup that overcomes the vast majority of interruptions to the AC power grid, eliminating frustrating reboots of the Small Cell equipment. We partnered with FDK because its light-weight, compact Ni-MH battery met all of our requirements for size, battery reserve, temperature, and long life. To address concerns for aesthetics and public acceptance, we designed a very compact system that requires no maintenance, enabling service providers to “set it and forget it.” With the power issue resolved, we are eager to see how Cellect affects the pace of outdoor Small Cell deployments.”

Hitoshi Matsushima, CTO of FDK said, “The merger of both FDK industry No.1 NiMH battery technology and Alpha powering supply technology for the Small Cell can introduce this CellectTM 600 product to the market. I expect to expand both company businesses in the global market with the continuous cooperative relationship.“

CellectTM 600, will be displayed at the 37th IEEE International Telecommunication Energy Conference(INTELEC2015)taking place at the FDK booth in Osaka, Japan on October 18-22. Alpha will sell the product to its territories such as Northern America, and FDK may sell the product to Japan and Asia regions under Fujitsu or FDK’s brand name, since FDK is a subsidiary of Fujitsu.

CellectTM 600 Overview
  • 48V/600W telecom grade outdoor power system, US NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) Standard Class 4/IP65 (protection against particles and protection against water)
  • Integrated battery backup increases system availability and end-user Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Key features enable outdoor small cell deployments
    • Small physical size (16" x 9" x 6") alleviates optical intrusion concerns
    • Light weight (25lb) design maximizes options for deployment on poles and walls
    • Easy to install
  • Reduced OPEX resulting from maintenance-free battery & enclosure, and high efficiency rectifier design
  • Advanced monitoring and control, including SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol, at both the system level and for individual circuits
About Alpha
Alpha, whose headquarter is located at 7700 Riverfront Gate Burnaby, BC V5J 5M4 Canada, is an established leader in the design and manufacture of powering solutions for the Telecom, CATV (Canada), Traffic, Security, Industrial and Renewable Energy industries. The company offers a broad portfolio of high-quality, feature-rich solutions that can be customized to suit almost any application and environment offering the highest performance and best value in the industry. With a focus on being the power solutions partner, Alpha builds on over 35 years of experience to develop solutions that solve customers’ unique powering challenges.
- Over three (3) million powering solutions in operation globally
- Over 35 years of powering solution expertise
- Over $500 million in annual sales Over 2,000 employees

About FDK
Address : 1-6-41 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8212 Japan
Established : 1950
Business : FDK CORPORATION is a manufacturer, which manufactures, sells and exports various kinds of batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery devices, electronic components and devices.
Net Sales : 76,365 million yen (FY2014)
Employees : 4,169 (Consolidated)
Main Products : Alkaline batteries, Ni-MH batteries, Lithium batteries, Carbon-zinc batteries, Power storage system, Li-ion capacitor, Electric lights, Production systems for batteries, Switching power supplies, Coil devices, DC/DC converters, Multilayer power inductors, Ceramic products, Toner, High frequency devices, Signal processing modules for LCDs

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