FDK developes the next-generation “High Power Inductors, corresponding to the high current capacity
- Ferrite material inductors which realizes superior DC bias characteristics to the metal inductors with low loss characteristics at high frequency -

Jul. 8, 2014

High Power inductor "MCP2016D"
High Power inductor "MCP2016D"

FDK CORPORATION (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section: Code 6955) has developed the next-generation High Power Inductor of MCP2016D (2.0mm x 1.6mm x 1.0mm max) as “MCP series”, which is corresponding to the high current capacity with low loss characteristics, remaining the size of FDK’s conventional inductors.

The “MCP series” is the most suitable power inductor for the power supply circuits of mobile devices such as smart phone, tablet terminal, and digital camera.

In recent years, mobile devices have been advancing in terms of their functions. The power inductors used for power supply circuits have been required a number of needs such as “high rated current”, “low-loss characteristics”, “downsizing” and “low profile”. Along with the trend of "high rated current", use the metal material power inductors has been increasing. However, although the metal material products could obtained high DC bias characteristics, they tend to increase the core loss due to the increase of eddy current losses in the high frequency region.

In order to respond the above-mentioned trend and to draw out the excellent electromagnetic conversion efficiency of ferrite materials, FDK developed the ferrite material power inductors which are higher DC bias characteristics the higher than metal material inductors and low loss characteristics at high frequency range by the use of its original “ferrite material technology”, ”magnetic circuit technology”, and “process technology”. Therefore, the product is smalerl in size, but it is possible to achieve high conversation efficiency in the high frequency drive power circuit.

FDK will continuously extend the line-up of “MCP series” to respond customer needs by seeking the possibility of ferrite material.

This “MCP series” will be exhibited at the FDK booth of TECHNO-FRONTIER 2014 in Tokyo Big Sight from July 23 to 25.

- Power Circuit for the mobile devices such as smart phone, tablet, and digital camera.
- Power supply modules, etc.

- Although the product made by ferrite material, its DC bias characteristics are the same as metal material inductors and low loss in high frequency range
- Increased by 60% in high current capacity and reduced by 30% in low-loss characteristic against MIPSZ2016DFR
- Most suitable power inductors to the power supplies with high frequency.

Ref. Characteristics

[DC bias characteristics]
L = 1.0μH
DC bias characteristics: L = 1.0μH
L = 0.47μH
DC bias characteristics: L = 0.47μH
L = 0.24μH
DC bias characteristics: L = 0.24μH
* Specifications may be changed for improvement without advanced notice.

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