Price Revision for Alkaline Batteries

May 9, 2008

FDK CORPORATION (TSE:6955) announced today a revision of prices for alkaline batteries effective as of the shipment date of July 1, 2008.

In recent years, raw material prices for alkaline batteries, such as electrolytic manganese dioxide, nickel and zinc, have hovered at high levels. In particular, the price of manganese ore, which is the raw material for electrolytic manganese dioxide, jumped fourfold within a year. It is this current state that has caused the cost of alkaline batteries to rise so severely.

Although FDK has seriously worked on cost-cutting efforts, such as rationalization of production, streamlining various operations and review of distribution systems, it could not cover these additional high material costs. As a result, FDK has decided to implement a price revision, as explained below, which reflects the price hike of the raw materials.

FDK will continuously put forth its best efforts to minimize costs and to provide quality services to produce safe and secure, high quality products. Regarding this price revision, we hope you understand and continue to support us.
1. Details of price revision:
There will be a 10% increase in the price of alkaline batteries from size D to size AAA

2. Effective Date:
Shipments from July 1, 2008
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