FDK Introduces Sensei Series of High Performance Isolated DC/DC Converters
IBA bus converter delivers 330W with excellent thermal performance

Jan. 26, 2007

Sensei Series of High Performance Isolated DC/DC Converters
Sensei Series of High Performance Isolated DC/DC Converters

FDK Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section: Code 6955) introduced the Sensei Series of isolated dc/dc converters with the announcement of the FPQN48T9R632, a 330W bus converter in the industry-standard quarter brick format. The Sensei Series converters are designed for Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) and Distributed Power Architecture (DPA) applications that require high efficiency and high reliability in elevated temperature environments. In combination with its Senpai Series of non-isolated point of load (POL) converters, FDK can now provide a complete board-mounted power package for these architectures.

The first product in the Sensei Series, the FPQN48T9R632, is an IBA bus converter that operates from a 36Vdc to 55Vdc input. It delivers 32 Amperes of output current at a fixed 5:1 ratio step-down output voltage, with an efficiency in excess of 95% and a power density of up to 300Watts/cubic inch. The FPQN48T9R632 converter is offered in a 2.28" x 1.45" (57.9 x 36.8mm) industry-standard quarter brick footprint and pin-out. It has a very low body profile of 0.34" (8.7mm).

Protection features include input under-voltage lockout (UVLO), output over-current protection (OCP), output over-voltage protection (OVP), and over-temperature protection (OTP). Built-in current sharing enables parallel operation without the need for external circuitry. The FPQN48T9R632 converter meets the basic insulation requirements of EN60950 and features input to output dc isolation of 1500V.

The Sensei Series converters deliver full-rated output current, with little or no derating, at high ambient temperatures without the need for heat sinks. With a 48V DC input, the FPQN48T9R632 converter provides 32A of output current in ambient temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius, with 400 LFM (2m/s) airflow. This leading-edge thermal performance results from electrical, thermal, and packaging design that is optimized for high density circuit card conditions, realized using FDK's advanced circuit and thermal design techniques.

"FDK introduced the Senpai Series of non-isolated POL converters in April 2006. Now, with the introduction of this first product of the Sensei Series of isolated dc/dc converters, FDK can provide an end-to-end on-board solution for IBA applications," said Dr. Apurba Roy, Executive Advisor, FDK Corporation. "FDK will be adding more products to this series, including a 4:1 ratio converter to be announced soon."

All Sensei Series products are RoHS compliant. They are manufactured using FDK's state of the art in-house manufacturing processes and systems in Japan. In quantities of 1,000 pieces, the FPQN48T9R632 converters are priced at $42. Samples are available now.

For more information, visit our website at http://www.fdk.com/cyber-e/s_ddconv/s_dd_conv.htm

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