Ultra-compact Stepper Motors "SM4.3 series" Realized high torque stepper (stepping) motors in the world's smallest size

June 6, 2005

Stepper Motors "SM4.3 series"
Stepper Motor "SM4.3 series"

FDK Corporation has developed the world's smallest *1 stepper (stepping) motor "SM4.3 series", which is suitable to drive a auto focus lens and/or zoom lens of a digital camera, a camera phone and so on.

SM4.3 is realized as the world's smallest size of 0.074cc (cm3) with a high output torque. It is ascribed to the integration of originally developed permanent magnets and an optimized magnetic circuit by the original coil design engineering and magnetic field analysis using a super computer.

It is also realized as low power consumption and high performance on quick response by minimized lowering torque in a downsizing. Thus, it would help to reduce in size, weight and power consumption of electrical and electronic equipment.

In addition, the motor complies with RoHS Directive, which is the EU's directive on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

FDK plans to start full-scale production from this month. Finally, FDK will develop new cutting-edge products in responding customer needs.

*1 The world smallest size in cubic volume. (Researched by FDK)

Product name Stepper Motor "SM4.3 series"
Dimensions 4.3mm (dia.) x 5.15mm (long)
Shaft diameter 0.7mm
Weight 0.4g
No. of steps (step angle) 20 (1Step angle=18)
Coil resistance 23 ohm/ Phase
Voltage between terminals 3V
Pull-in torque 0.07mN.m (2 Phase.500pps hour)

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