Diversified Product Line of Multilayer Power Chip Inductor !

Jan. 11, 2005

MIP: Existing model, MIPWT: Low-profile model, MIPF: Midget model
MIP: Existing model, MIPWT: Low-profile model, MIPF: Midget model

FDK Corporation developed two multi-layer power chip inductor models for compact electronics apparatus such as cellular phones. In 1A (ampere) class, "MIPF series" are the world's smallest power inductors and "MIPWT series" are the ultra-thin power inductors.

Power consumption of cellular phones has been increasing due to the enlargement of LCDs, the equipment of high-definition camera function and the shift to the third generation cellular phone system, etc. Under this circumstance, converter circuits have been increasingly adopting for those apparatus to prolong the continuous usable hours, which increase the efficiency of electric circulation. At the same time, the number of parts used for those apparatus is also increasing and mounting space of parts tends to be smaller. FDK has tackled the downsizing of power inductors, which are the key parts of converters.

Adopting the new inner structure, MIPF series succeeded to reduce 40% in volume and MIPWT series succeeded to reduce 20% in height in comparison with MIP series, while these new series could realize the high performance equivalent to the coil inductors. By this improvement, they could be mounted on a small space or a space with little height. In addition, by adopting closed magnetic path structure in common with the existing products, the influence of cross talk to peripheral curcuitry has been much reduced. Also, the new products contain no leads and are compliant to lead-free soldering.

We believe this expansion of product line * would satisfy various kinds of customer needs on their effort to develop new apparatus and we will continuously develop new products to respond customer needs for cutting-edge products. Mass production of these two series will be started in coming February.

* Product lineup: 4 series (MIP, MIPW, MIPF, MIPWT) & 16 models.

Series MIPF series MIPWT series
Model number MIPF
Inductance (typ.) 1.5 μH 2.2 μH 3.3 μH 4.7 μH 1.5 μH 2.2 μH 3.0 μH 4.2 μH
DC resistance (typ.) 0.07 Ω 0.08 Ω 0.1 Ω 0.11 Ω 0.09 Ω 0.1 Ω 0.12 Ω 0.14 Ω
Rated current (max) 1.5A 1.3A 1.2A 1.1A 1.2A 1.1A 1.0A 0.9A
Size (L x W x H) 2.5mm x 2.0mm x 1.0mm (max) 3.2mm x 2.6mm x 0.8mm (max)
Weight 30mg (max) 40mg (max)

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