Newly Developed Two Power Ferrite Materials
- "6H60" with Low Loss in a Wide Temperature Ranges and "L47H" for High Voltage Transformers. -

Dec. 22, 2004

Ferrite Cores used by 6H60/L47H
Ferrite Cores used by 6H60/L47H

FDK developed Mn-Zn ferrite material of 6H60 for high-performance transformers with low loss in a wide temperature ranges and Ni-Zn ferrite material of L47H for high-voltage transformers.

With the expansion for mobile apparatus use and car use, core materials for transformers and chalk coils are now required to have highly efficient characteristics, such as high saturation magnetic density (Bs) and low loss (Pcv). Responding to these market needs, FDK has devoted to the development of low loss materials in a wide temperature ranges with high saturation density. FDK has also tackled to develop materials to gain high electrical resistance for high-voltage transformers.

The new material 6H60 of low loss in a wide temperature ranges, has succeeded in reducing loss 70% in room temperature and 50% at 60C degrees compared with conventional materials by optimization of a material ingredient ratio and improvement of crystal composition in order to reduce temperature dependence of crystal magnetic anisotropy. Using this 6H60, it can much improve the efficiency of transformers on the apparatus used under large temperature range such as HEVs or on the apparatus with the large temperature change such as liquid crystal panels.

While ferrite ingredient ratio was adjusted to maintain Curie temperature highly and saturation flux density highly and improve manufacturing process so that crystal particles become uniformly sizable, the L47H of Ni-Zn material series for the high voltage transformers has realized low loss in incomparably higher resistance and in higher magnetic flux density than the conventional Mn-Zn material series.

By using this L47H for inverter transformers whose output voltage exceeds 1,000V such as large-sized liquid crystal panels, it enables the miniaturization of transformers without paying any attention to the insulated distance such as the one between terminals and cores and it realizes transmission efficiency almost equivalent to the case which the core of Mn-Zn series is used.

By adding above two materials, our product line meets the diverse needs of customers for power ferrite materials.

[Material Characterisitics: 6H60]

Symbol Unit Condition 6H60
Initial Permeability μi -
10kHz - 23℃
Saturated Magnetic Flux Density Bs mT
1000A/m 23℃
Core Loss Pcv kW/m3
100kHz 200mT 100℃
Curie Temperature Tc C - >200
Density d x 103 kg/m3 - 4.9

[Material Characteristics: L47H]

Symbol Unit Condition L47H
Initial Permeability μi -
400kHz - 23℃
Saturated Magnetic Flux Density Bs mT
3900A/m 23℃
Core Loss Pcv kW/m3
50kHz 150mT 100℃
Curie Temperature Tc C - >180
Density d x 103 kg/m3 - 5.1

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