FDK Developed Compact 1x32 Optical Splitter, Realized Low Insertion Loss and Low PDL !

Sep. 13, 2004

1x32 Optical Splitter YW-1132
1x32 Optical Splitter "YW-1132"

FDK CORPORATION developed compact 1 x 32 Optical Splitter "YW-1132" of low insertion loss and low PDL designed for optical access networks such as FTTH, PON and CATV networks.

This Optical Splitter is the innovative device which branch and couple waves without converting optical transmissions into electric signals. Last year, FDK developed and commercialized 1x8 and 1x16 optical splitters. This 1x32 optical splitter is the new additions to these product lines with further divaricated and higher performance.

While tackled to improve in optical characteristic on conventional compact 32 output port type splitters and developed to design the new splitter pattern, FDK has attained to succeed in the optimization of refractive-index distribution of light path in the multi-component glass substrate, which is the core of YW-1132. As a result of improving the design of all components, it is realized the world's smallest size as 32 output port type and the sharp reduction of insertion loss and PDL of optical signal.

By the above improvement in performance, it is possible to be installed in diverging equipment and accommodation equipment of a base station of a telecommunications carrier and/or a large-sized apartment, etc. in which many branches and excellent optical characteristic are required.

FDK will promote these low loss and low PDL optical splitters including conventional YW-1108 (1x8) and YW-1116 (1x16) models to FTTP segment in mainly domestic and North American markets. The YW-1132 will be exhibited in CEATEC JAPAN 2004 from coming October 5 to 9 and the samples will be started to ship from this October.

Product name 1x32 Optical Splitter "YW-1132"
Wavelength 1260-1360nm/1480-1580nm
Insertion loss 16.1dB typ.
Uniformity 1.1dB typ.
Polarization dependent loss (PDL) 0.04dB typ.
Return loss 60 dB typ.
Directivity 60 dB typ.
Size 6.5 x 4.0 x 50.0mm

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