FDK announces for the Change in Board of Directors and Auditors

May 26, 2004

Tokyo, Japan. May 26, 2004 - Following a meeting today of its Board of Directors, FDK announced the following personnel changes regarding Members of the Board and Corporate Auditors. These changes will be effective as of June 29, 2004.
1. Newly nominated Member of the Board
Yasuo Tarui (Currently General Manager of Electronic Sales Div. of FDK)
Masanori Nakazawa (Currently General Manager of Administration Div. of FDK)
Haruo Tsuchikawa* - * nominated as an outside board member. (Currently Director of Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.)

2. Member of the Board, retiring on June 29, 2004
Nobuji Suzuki (Currently Director of FDK. Mr. Suzuki nominated as a Standing Advisor)
Hirobumi Takanashi (Currently Director of FDK. Mr. Takanashi nominated as an Advisor)

3. Newly nominated Outside Corporate Auditors
Kazuhiko kato (Currently Corporate Vice President of Fujitsu, Ltd.)
Masashi Shiraki* - * nominated as a standing outside auditor. (Currently Standing Auditor of Fujitsu Support and Service, Inc.)

4. OutsideCorporate Auditor, retiring on June 29, 2004.
Masamichi Ogura (Currently Outside Corporate Auditor of FDK & Director of Fujitsu,Ltd.)
Shin Koizumi (Currently Outside Corporate Auditor of FDK & Standing Auditor of Fujitsu, Ltd.)
The above-mentioned candidates will be appointed, following resolutions to be made at the General Shareholders Meeting scheduled to be held on June 29, 2004.

Media inquiries should be directed to:
Corporate Communication Group
FDK Corporation
E-mail: narishi@fdk.co.jp


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