FDK Developed the World's Smallest Optical Splitter For FTTH (Fiber to the Home)

Oct. 9, 2003

Optical Splitter
Optical Splitter

FDK CORPORATION developed 1×16 Optical Splitter "YW-1116" and 1×8 Optical Splitter "YW-1108" for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) in optical communication networks.

Optical Splitter is an innovative device which branch and couple waves without converting optical transmissions into electric signals. It connects households to telecommunication carrier in optical communication networks. With the spread of broadband networks, there is an increase in demand for compact sophisticated products. The newly developed products response to these demands, especially 1×16 type has realized the world's smallest size*.

In this product, light paths called wave-guides are formed in the glass substrate by ion exchange process and they branch optical transmissions. By optimizing the constituent of the glass substrate for ion exchange process and high precision controlling of refractive index, as a result 1/3 or less (volume ratio) miniaturization compared with the conventionally products of our company, outstanding insertion loss, and outstanding polarization dependent loss were realized.

Furthermore, 1×32 splitter is under development, high performance products will be offered to respond to customer's needs.

* Research by FDK Oct, 2003

Product Name 1x8 Optical Splitter "YW-1108" 1x16 Optical Splitter "YW-1116"
Wavelength 1260-1360nm/1480-1580nm 1260-1360nm/1480-1580nm
Insertion loss 10.0dB typ. 12.8dB typ.
Uniformity 0.4dB typ. 0.7dB typ.
Polarization dependent loss 0.04dB typ. 0.04dB typ.
Return loss 60dB typ. 60dB typ.
Directivity 60dB typ. 60dB typ.
Size 4×4×40mm 4×4×40mm
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