FDK Launches Multi-layer Power Inductor For Compact Electronic Apparatus

July. 1, 2003

Multi-layer Power Inductor "MIP series"
Multi-layer Power Inductor "MIP series"

FDK CORPORATION has released 4 models of multi-layer power inductor "MIP series" for compact electronic apparatus, such as cellular phone, digital camera, and PDA, etc. The series has a significant effect in reducing direct-current resistance and has a thickness of 1.0mm.

As the downsizing trend of compact electric apparatus is getting stronger, the demand for miniaturized and thin-shaped circuit component is also increasing. Moreover, power consumption is increased due to speeding up in information processing, large-sized and colorization of display, and camera function. Therefore, high-performance power inductor, which enables efficient electric power conversion, is needed in compact electric apparatus.

By utilizing the original CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) of our company and fine printing technology, the multi-layer power inductor "MIP series" has attained 1.0mm thinness and the lowest direct-current resistance (0.08-0.16 ohms) among the same class of power inductor in the industry. 1.2A output and 1MHz or higher switching frequency DC-DC converter can reduce 30% of loss compared with winding type inductor, which increases the efficiency of electric power. Moreover, as a surface-mounted chip component it has realized a mounting speed of 0.1 seconds bearing the dropping impact of 10000G because of the high-speed mounting machine and the outstanding mounting intensity. Furthermore, the influence of noise to peripheral circuitry is reduced by the closed magnetic path structure as well.

This product is used for compact electric apparatus and personal computer such as HDD etc. Sample will be shipped from this month and mass-production will be started from this autumn. 1 billion yen sales of the product are aimed in the fiscal year 2006.

Product name The Multi-layer Power Inductor: MIP Series
Model No. MIP3226D3R3M MIP 3226D4R7M MIP 3226D6R8M MIP 3226D100M
Inductance (typ) 3.3 μH 4.7 μH 6.8 μH 10 μH
DC Resistance (typ) 0.08 ohms 0.10 ohms 0.12 ohms 0.16 ohms
Working current (ref) ~ 1.2A ~ 1.1A ~ 1.0A ~ 0.9A
Size (L x W x H) 3.2mm x 2.6mm x 1.0mm (max)
Weight 60mg (max)
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