FDK Announces New Switching Hub for Blade-Server.

Sep. 20, 2002

FDK Corporation is proud to announce the development of a new switching hub "LM series" for Blade-servers.

The "LM Series" switching hub enables a high-speed connection between the LAN and the Blade-server. It is the first product of its kind to allow a maximum of 38 servers to all connect via a gigabit uplink to the Blade. The LM Series will be exhibited at "CEATEC JAPAN 2002" which commences on October 1, 2002.

Main Features of the Switching Hub "LM series"
1. Adaptability
FDK's proprietary firmware, that controls the switching of the processor, can be customized according to the specifications of the Blade server.

2. Small Space Design (LM1035)
At only 153 x 250.6 x 68.6 mm in design, the compact switch hub offers the same port count as two switching modules: 19 port 1000BASE-T and 1port 100BASE-TX.

3. Response speed
By making use of distributed constant circuit technology, improved switching response was realized at full wire speed.

4. Reliability
FDK's proprietary heat sink structure and efficient DC-DC converter helps solve the heat-generation problem often found in the high density mounting of Blade servers.

Name Switching hub "LM 1035"
Size 153(W) x 250.6(D) x 68.6(H) mm
CPU: PowerPC405GP
Switching Processor: BCM5632 x 2
FRONT: 1000BASE-T x 3 (Connector: RJ45)
BACK: 1000BASE-T x 16 (Connector: ORIGINAL) + 100BASE-TX x 1 (Connector: ORIGINAL)
Management Interface: RS232C
x 2
Support Layer Layer2
Switching Capability 56.8Mpps (1.4881Mpps x 19 + 148.81Kpps x 1)
Back Plain Capacity 10Gbps (XGM II)
Voltage and Current 12V, 8.3A (Max.)
Main Functions VLAN Support, Spanning Tree Support, QoS, Remote Login by Telnet, Remote Program Update by FTP

Switching hub "LM 1035"
[Press Contacts]
Corporate Communication Dept.
E-mail: narishi@fdk.co.jp, hkoji@fdk.co.jp
Switching hub "LM 1035"


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