Development of Phase Shifter for high frequency radio communications.

Oct. 1, 2002

FDK CORPORATION has developed Phase Shifter "FS2501" for high frequency radio-communications.

In the large capacity and high speed radio-communications field, miniaturization of apparatus and integration of circuit are progressing simultaneously, and the control of phase difference produced by connection or circuit composition is needed in high frequency bands such as millimeter wave band.
This product, Phase Shifter "FS2501" is a module that controls phase difference in radio-communications apparatus, and is the world's first product as a type, which is mounted in a circuit corresponding to the frequency band of the millimeter wave circumference.

This product used the element, which carries out electromagnetic coupling during input and output. According to this element, it is able to control the phase easily and the function to intercept the sudden direct-current from antenna was also realized.

<The features of Phase Shifter "FS2501">
* The highly reliable DC-BLOCK function using electromagnetic coupling is realized.
* Since the input-and-output port is composed of MSL (micro strip line), simultaneous mounting with other devices is possible.
* By the world's first circuit inclusion type, space saving in communication system is realized.

Phase Shifter "FS2501"
Product Name Phase Shifter "FS2501"
Frequency range [GHz] 24.5 ~ 25.5
Passage loss [dB] 1.7 max.
Reflective loss [dB] 17.0 max.
Phase variable quantity [deg] 100
Size [mm] 20(W)/22(L)/8(H) max.
Input-and-output terminal MSL/Coaxial cable
[Press Contacts]
Corporate Communication Dept.
Narishige, Hirano


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