Development of World's smallest Macro & Optical Zoom Lens Unit

April 7, 2003

Macro & Optical Zoom Lens Unit "FMZ10"

FDK CORPORATION and MACNICA, INC developed the world's smallest lens unit, "FMZ10" with 2 x optical zoom function and macro (close-up) photography function for the micro cameras carried in cellular phone and PDA, etc.

Due to the demand for micro camera especially in cellular phone and also in mobile personal computer and PDA is expanding rapidly, the needs for advanced features such as optical zoom function for long distance photography, macro photography function which can photo fine characters, and the needs for miniaturization and weight saving are also increasing.

The newly developed lens unit is in response to the needs of advanced features and miniaturization. Optical zoom and macro photography function without pushing out the lens part are enabled by using a newly developed micro-electromagnetic actuator and making only the back group lens of the aspheric plastic lens, which consists of 3 elements in 3 groups slide inside the unit. Moreover, the newly developed lens unit is world's smallest lens unit* with a capacity of 1.1 cc, 2 x optical zoom and a macroscopic function. Furthermore, adopting plastic lens and simplifying the mechanical part obtain strong structure, which can withstand shocks such as fall. And it can respond to both 1/7-inch CCD image sensor and 1/7- inch CMOS image sensor.

Sample distribution of the product will start from the summer of 2003, and a sale of 4 billion yen in the 2005 fiscal year is planned. In addition, this product will exhibit in the booth of MACNICA in the SENSOR EXPO JAPAN 2003 held in Tokyo Big Site from April 9 to the 11th.

* FDK research May 2003

Name Macro & Optical Zoom Lens Unit "FMZ10"
Composition Aspheric plastic lens 3-3lens
F No. 2.8 - 4.0
Working distance 30mm - Infinity
Voltage 3V
Response time 0.3sec max
Size 12.5mm (W) 12mm (R) / Sector 10mm (H)
Weight 1.5g
Capacity 1.1cc
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