Ferrite Sheets for Noise Suppression on Sale

FDK Corporation has began the full-scaled sale of high-performance ferrite sheets for noise suppression. These ferrite sheets, named "PE23" and already used by a number of specific customers, have earned high appraisals from the users for proven effectiveness in suppressing electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise of the 100 - 1,000 MHz frequency range. These PE23 ferrite sheets have achieved a superb EMI noise suppression effect at a low cost, because the PE23 is an ideal combination of FDK's topnotch ferrite material technology and material processing technology, both acquired through many years of manufacturing a wide array of ferrite products. As a result of optimal ferrite grain control and filling, the PE23 ferrite sheets are particularly effective in reducing EMI noise in the high-frequency range of 100 to 1,000 MHz. This is a range exactly suitable for suppressing radiation noise from PCs and other electronic/information equipment and for preventing resonances inside electronic equipment frames. The PE23 is supplied in sheets (20cm x 30cm) or rolls (20cm x 15m), and come with aself-adhesive tape for easy affixing in any locations requiring noise suppression. Customized sheets are also available on order, for example diverse sheet sizes and half-cut groove lines in the sheet for easy separation into pieces. FDK also offers PE45, GHz-range electromagnetic wave absorbers and other conventional noise suppression products to answer the every need of customers. FDK is now adding higher-performance and thinner noise suppression sheets to its products lineup.


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