"FDK Energy Co., Ltd." is to be founded for strengthening of battery business.

FDK CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as FDK) determined to separate the battery manufacturing division and operate it independently as a new company "FDK Energy Co., Ltd." for strengthening its battery business.
The new company will put emphasis on surmounting the severe market competition by supplying the high quality battery products with price competitive advantage; the low-cost manufacture principle is to be pursued to ensure the efficient. And the new company will collaborate with PT FDK INDONESIA, one of the production bases of FDK, to sustain mutual growth.
The increase in demand on mobile digital products for the coming broad-band era together with the stable markets of products such as remote control, game machine, and portable AV equipment implies the potential growth of the alkaline battery and even further market enlargement. The opening of the new company will fulfill the recent organization construction according to the "Growth Strategy of FDK Group" released on Jan 31 this year, and new formation of FDK is to seize the occasion and maximize the main business sector value.
In addition, Sony Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Sony) agreed to partially invest in the new company after its establishment. FDK and Sony have started the cooperation in battery production since April 2000, and it is believed that the new investment agreement will enable the two companies to deepen collaboration and enhance the business alliance in future.

New Company Profile
Name: FDK Energy Co., Ltd.
Representative: President Akira Nagata
(FDK CORPORATION director & Battery company president)
Address: 614 Washizu, Kosai-shi, Shizuoka, 431-0431 Japan
Capital: 500 million yen
Foundation date: August 1, 2002
Number of employee: 223
[Press Contacts]
Corporate Communication Dept.
E-mail: narishi@fdk.co.jp, hkoji@fdk.co.jp


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