A New Ferrite Developed for Electric Car Chargers

FDK CORPORATION has developed a new ferrite, 6H40, for producing ferrite cores used in electric car inductive chargers. Large-sized ferrite cores have been required to increase the efficiency of inductive chargers for electric vehicles. In response FDK succeeded in developing such large ferrite cores, taking advantage of its rich accumulation of technologies gained through long experience as a leading ferrite products manufacturer. The new 6H40 features an outstandingly low core loss to achieve a high charging efficiency for electric vehicle rechargeable cells. The 6H40 drew upon FDK's original material technologies and computer-aided thermal analysis and 3D magnetic field analysis. Magnetic field, structure, fluid and other analyses were performed through supercomputer simulations to give design data that approximate reality as accurately as possible. Thus FDK designed an optimal core shape and a low-loss ferrite with advantageous frequency characteristics for. Then FDK applied its sophisticated material processing technologies to control the ferrite crystalline grain size by micron. Power charge service stations for electric vehicles are expected to multiply in the near future. FDK is eager to supply large and efficient ferrite cores not only for service station chargers but also for chargers used by individual drivers in their home garages.


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