Development of Electrode Material Technology for New Energy Storage Devices

Oct. 10, 2002

FDK CORPORATION has developed Electrode Material Technology, which enable New Energy Storage Devices to have higher energy density than Electric Double-layer Capacitors.

By using the special processed coke as cathode material in the Electrode Material Technology, voltage is doubled and energy density is quadrupled as compared to the traditional Electric Double-layer Capacitors, also New Energy Storage Devices with better charge/discharge cycle performance and rate performance is realized.

FDK is planning to put the New Energy Storage Devices that used the Electrode material into practical use, and to commercialize the product over the next year. As the first phase, the application to small UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) by utilizing the merit of energy density and charge/discharge cycle performance is planned. At present, many UPS use Lead-acid Batteries, which need periodical exchange, however, the New Energy Storage Devices can obtain equivalent energy density to Lead-acid Batteries, and also they are maintenance-free by the excellent charge/discharge cycle performance.

In addition, considering the extensive uses such as the demand for high electromotive force in auxiliary power supply for in Hybrid Car, Fuel-cell Vehicle in the future, development of field of application will be furthered from now on.

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Corporate Communication Dept.
Narishige, Hirano


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