A Wideband Compact Shield Box Developed for Mobile Telecommunication Terminals

FDK Corporation has developed a wideband compact shield box based on an entirely new principle, first in the world, incooperation with Dr. Hiroyuki Arai, associate professor at the Yokohama National University.
This small shield box can perform steady measurement of the levels of power and unwanted noise radiated from mobile terminals and other telecommunication equipment, throughout the wideband of 1 GHz to 10 GHz.
Forming a random electric field inside its chamber and statistically analyzing measured data, the handy shield box has realized accurate, speedy, inexpensive and simplemeasurement which previously required a costly electromagnetic anechoic chamber or an open site.

[Measurement principle]
First, place the telecommunication unit on the small table inside the shield box. Then, random fading is formed when the table is turned. The influence of antenna directivity is reduced by obtaining the median of cumulative probability distribution of received power. So stable measurement of transmitting and receiving power levels has become possible.

* Stable measurement levels in the wideband from 1 GHz to about 10 GHz.
* Super compact size and high performance enabling its installation inside an experimental room. Standard size: 50 x 50 x 100 cm.
* Superb shielding characteristics against electromagnetic waves or noise.

* Measurement of power and noise radiated from cellular phones, wireless LAN, etc.
* Testing of the receiving sensitivity of telecommunication equipment.

FDK has supplied electromagnetic anechoic boxes of single frequency bands such as 1.5 and 2.5 GHz for developing cellular phones, LAN and other telecommunication equipment and for testing product performances on the production line.
The new shield box is a compact and wideband addition to the existing anechoic box lineup.
FDK is planning to offer these shield boxes as total systems combined with measuring equipment, software and a wideband antenna on an optional basis.


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