Development of Micro DC-DC Converters for Mobiles Apparatus.

Sep. 17, 2002

FDK CORPORATION developed, which are the smallest-in-the-world size suited for a variety of mobile apparatus such as the 3rd generation cellular phone, digital camera, and PDA.

This product is the module allowing for transformation of voltage required by each load circuit provided from the power supply of mobile apparatus, and it is ideally designed for the 3rd generation cellular phones, such as W-CDMA, realizing the conversion of the voltage (3.6V) of a lithium ion battery into voltage (about 1.0-2.5 V) required by DSP (digital signal processor), power amplifier, etc.

Corresponding to advanced features of high speed of information processing, large-sized, colorization of a display, etc., the more efficient electric power which enables prolonged use of a battery is called for. The micro DC-DC converters, "GM series", have realized the highest conversion efficiency (96%) for the required voltage while providing the capacity of 0.018 cc (electric power density 68.1W/cc) with the smallest-in-the-world size .

In this new developed technology, the performance of inductor, which is the core of a converter, was further enhanced. It now offers the features of fine printing technology, CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), depression of high noise and high-density mounting as well as the low loss high power function by making full use of low loss ferrite material technology.
The micro DC-DC converter was realized in smallest-in-the-world size by effectively incorporating and concentrating on circuit technology, high-density mounting technology, etc. which have been cultivating until now in addition to development of this inductor.

The mass-production of this product is expected to start from the spring of 2003 towards a mobile apparatus market and it will be exhibited at "CEATEC JAPAN 2002" held from October 1.

The micro DC-DC converters, "GM001"
Name The micro DC-DC converter "GM001"
V in 3.0V ~ 5.0V
V out 1.25V ~ Vin-0.2V
I out 500mA max
Efficiency 96% max
(Input3.6V, Output2.5V/150mA)
Size (L*W*H) 3.4mm * 3.0mm * 1.8mm
Weight 0.06g max

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