FDK Group Corporate Conduct Guidelines

FDK Group Corporate Conduct Guidelines

July 1, 2008 revised
1. Customer Satisfaction

- We supply safe and high quality products and services for the needs of customers.
2. Environmental Consciousness

- We promote resource saving, energy saving and make an ongoing effort to protect the global environment.
3. Contribute to Society

- We, as good corporate citizen, actively contribute to society.
- We respect human rights, and will be fully aware of the culture and customs of every country in the world with the global perspective.
4. Fair Trade

- We have sensible course of business behavior, and conduct fair and free competition.
- We communicate widely with society and disclose corporate information justly and timely.
5. Compliance with law

- We act with sense of ethnics and comply with the laws and social codes.
- We take a resolute attitude against antisocial forces and have no relationship with such forces.