FDK Group Corporate Conduct Guidelines

FDK Group Corporate Conduct Guidelines
April 23, 2021
Our Philosophy Inspiring transformation; shaping the future and creating happiness.

Vision FDK group, as a Smart Energy Partner, assemble advanced technologies, would like our customers to best utilize electric energy in a safe and efficient manner, and contribute to materialization and development of sustainable society.

Inspiring We break through stereotypes and our own shell.
We flexibly respond to the ever-changing diverse world.
Transformation We are not to afraid taking challenges, have the courage to take one step forward.
We create an organizational culture that learns from mistakes, helps each other, and repeats growth.
Future We provide safe and high quality products and services, comfortable daily life and convenience for people around the world.
We make environmental conservation efforts that are helpful to the earth and life.
Happiness We practice working styles that gives us a lively and brilliant work.
We hope to be in the world with the continuous smiles of customers, employees, shareholders, family and loved ones.

Code of Conduct
We respect human rights.
We comply with all laws, regulations and social norms.
We act with fairness and freedom in our business dealing.
We protect and respect intellectual property.
We handle information properly and maintain confidentiality.
We do not use our position in our organization for personal gain.


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