1/16 Brick DCDC power module KD series (Full digital control)

1/16 Brick DC/DC power module KD series
Operability improvement by full digital control (PMBusTM 1.2 compliant)
  • Dynamically programmable output voltage. Provides adequate output voltage.
  • Wide adjustable output voltage. Accurate setting to desired output voltage (-50% / +20% trim range)
  • Programmable threshold level of over voltage, over current and temperature alarms.
  • Improving system maintainability by monitoring output voltage, output current and temperature.

Very small and low profile
  • The smallest size in the industry, 1/16 Brick (34.28 x 22.86mm).
  • Only 8.0mm (SMT) and 8.2mm (Through-hole) height (typical). Best for saving spaces.

Full development support
  • Can start evaluation right after getting samples by using supporting tools.
  • Pre-loaded firmware: Just connecting input power to evaluation board makes the power module works.
  • FDK provides a GUI software to control and to monitor the power module from PC, and a communication adaptor for PMBus evaluation.


Output Voltage (TYP) 3.3V 6.0V 12.0V 12.0V 18V
Min Output (-50%) 1.65V 3.0V 6.0V 9.6V 9.0V
Max Output (+20%) 3.96V 7.2V 14.4V 13.2V 21.6V
Output Current 30A 16A 8A 9A 5.5A
Input Voltage Range 36V - 60V(TYP 48V)
Outline Dimension