Ni-MH Batteries

Nickel metal-hydride batteries are highly safe batteries that are resistant to overcharge and overdischarge featuring stable discharge voltage and high current discharge.

Feature of FDK's nickel metal-hydride batteries (Twicell)

FDK original technology

positivePositive electrode material

  • Nickel hydroxide coated with a highly conductive cobalt compound
Examples of long-term storage characteristicsstable capacity

negativeNegative electrode material

  • Super lattice hyrogen absorbing alloy
Examples of low temperature discharge characteristicsimprove charge/discharge characteristics

Made in Japan

FDK continues to commit to "Made in Japan" quality.
FDK commits to the manufacturing of our batteries at our factory in Japan.
This enables customers to use our batteries safely and securely for any occasion.

Takasaki Plant

Uses of Ni-MH batteries