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Manganese Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

These batteries use Manganese Composite Oxide for the positive material and Lithium Aluminum alloy for the negative material. Manganese Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • Stable Operating Voltage of 2.5V.
  • Charging Possible at 2.8V.
  • Low self-discharge rate and long cell life.
    Self-discharge rate : Approx. 2% per year at room temperature.
  • Usable over wide temperature range
    Operational temperrature range : -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F )
    Consult with FDK when using batteries at temperatures exceeding
    -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F ) range.
  • UL recognition (File No. MH13421)
  • Memory backup power source for Note-PC, Cellular phone, DSC and Camcorder.
  • Electronic keys for automobiles (keyless entry)
  • Memory backup power source for fire alarm
  • Available to meet customers package requirements (multiple cell, with tabs, connectors, etc)
  • Use nickel-plated phosphor bronze or stainless steel for terminal materials for battery contacts. To ensure stable contact conditions, several N of contact pressure is recommended when attaching.
Model Nominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity *1
Standard Charge/Discharge Current
Max Pulse Current*2
Charge/Discharge Cycle Characteristics
(discharge depth of 20%)
Charging Method Dimensions
Constant Voltage Charge Diameter
ML614 3 3.4 0.015 1.5 300 cycles 2.83.25V 6.8 1.4 0.16
ML621 3 5.8 0.015 1.5 6.8 2.1 0.22
ML1220 3 15 0.15 5 12.5 2.0 0.8
ML2016 3 30 0.45 20 500 cycles  20.0 1.6 1.8
ML2430 3 100 0.45 20 24.5 3.0 4.1
* Expected life is 5 years at R.T..
* Consult with FDK when considering multiple-cell construction.
*1 Nominal capacity is determined at an end voltage of 2.0V when the battery is allowed to discharge at a standard current level at +23°C.
*2 Current value for obtaining 2.0V cell voltage when pulse is applied for 15 seconds at 50% discharge depth(50% of the nominal capacity) at +23°C.
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